Blog post ideas

Hey everyone,

If you are like me then recently then  you are struggling to think of what to write about. I thought I would give you a few ideas to help you out of your slum.

  • whats in my bag
  • top 5....perfumes / lipsticks / eye shadows
  • favourite products from a brand
  • hauls
  • reviews
  • recipes
  • whats on my face
  • how much my face is worth
  • my favourite... youtubers / bloggers / shops/ blushes
  • my skin care routine (morning and night)
  • hair care routine / what hair products I use
  • outfit on the day/week
  • pet peeves
  • top excises for...arms / legs/ abs
  • essentials for...packing/Christmas/a night out/ on the go
  • what makes me happy/annoyed/sad
  • my hair history
  • wishlists 
  • pamper night
  • starter kit
  • whats in my...makeup bag / wash bag
  • empties
  • my week in pics
  • about my travels
  • iphone apps I use
  • my excise routine
  • what I pack / whats in my sitcase
  • my current favorites
  • share the love
  • what I ate in a day
  • tags
  • children / baby / mummy update
  • hair/makeup inspiration 
  • what have I been up to
  • makeup looks
  • hairstyles
  • my everyday makeup
  • gift ideas
  • how to...messy bun/wash makeup brushes/contour

That's all I can think of for the time being , I hope this can help you out of your slum or inspire you to try new ideas. I know I will be coming back to this list when I need help.

If you have any more ideas then please share them in the comments so others can see them too :)

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Lush wishlist

Hey everyone,

Is it too early to do a Christmas post?

It's that time of year where the heating goes on, boots come out from hiding and we start to think about what's to come...Halloween, bonfire night and of course CHRISTMAS!!

When the nights are longer and all you want to do is snuggle up and stay warm I love a good hot bath with my best friend LUSH, I like to stock up now before everything has gone and all the limited addiction items are out.

1. One of my all time favourites and I always make sure I stock up every year. It's small but mighty and smells heavenly of cinnamon (how festive) that gives it a warming feeling when using it. For a little fun they add popping candy to the top! The only down fall for this is the colour, it makes it look like you peed in the bath. £2.95 each

2. I have yet to try this one but I have heard so much about it and I know Brogan from www.brogantatexo.co.uk/ loves this stuff so I am keen to try it this year. £4.95 for 100ml

3. A classic for the festive time, I feel everyone gets this when the collection comes out. This has a very strong sweet smell the main one being vanilla, it creates lots of bubbles and turns the water pink!! When this you can break it off into small pieces so you can get more baths out of it. This is a steal for only £2.95 each DO NOT EAT!!

4. I remember getting this last year but I can't remember what I thought of it haha! I am going to have to give this one another go this year. This one has a lovely fruity scent with orange being the main one so I am looking forward to trying it again. £2.95 each

5. Another one I get every year, I normally only get the smallest bottle as the scent can get a little sickly after a while; I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the best selling items at Christmas. This lavers up really well and leaves me smelling sweet for a few hours after use. £3.95 for 100ml

6. I remember this one from last year but I didn't try it. What drew me towards this was the fact it is suppose to smell like strawberries and it has cocoa butter. As this is a bubble bar it will create soft bubbles and silky water. £3.95 each

7. I found this one last year and I wish I had had it sooner this is so Christmassy to me. It may not look like much but it smells delicious. This is apple scented with rose to help relax you after a long day of Christmas shopping. If it is the same as last year, then you can break this one up as it's huge. This then makes it another still at £3.65 each

There were others I wanted to include like...star dust...bar humbug...snowman...butterbear...luxury lush pud...shoot for the stars...father Christmas. So pretty much everything for a bath.

You can find all these lush goodies here. If any of these take your fancy be sure to ask for one of the gift sets they are great at trying different things (sometimes ones you wouldn't pick up!)

So what's everybody's favourite lush product?

Thank you popping by :)



REVIEW YSL Black Opium Eau De Toilette

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in 3 weeks!! I just wanted to take some time off and had o mojo.

If you read my last post about my Paris haul you will already know that I brought this as my little treat and I have to say I love it and it is perfect for autumn/winter time as well as evenings.

I think the packaging is so pretty with a little sparking to it, I am a little guttered it is only 30mls for 50 Euros (£44). I don't think it will last long which is so annoying as I want to wear this more.

This is an Eau De Toilette so the fragrance won't last as long as a perfume, therefore if you put it on in the morning the smell will be gone or very faint in the afternoon (depending on how much you put on too). It is designed to be different to the Black Opium eau de parfum.
I'm not great at explaining scents so I looked up the notes for you:

Top notes: blackcurrant, pear, green mandarin bark, citruses
Heart notes: Jasmine tea, orange blossom and coffee
Base notes: blond wood and white musk

The original Opium was too strong and smelt too grown up. not something I would wear in my 20's. However I have noticed as I get older that I prefer the heavier scents, the more oriental and less of the fruity ones. I think this may become my new favourite scent (sorry Armani diamonds)

What are your favourite perfumes to use in Autumn/Winter?

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A LITTLE haul from Paris

Hey everyone,

So I have recently been on my honeymoon this month to Paris and it was absolutely amazing, I may do my next post on what I got up to for a change. 

As me and the hubby wanted to do a lot of sight seeing we didn't budget much for buying goodies so this is only a small haul but I'm still super excited to try them.

So the first place I went to treat myself was of course Sephora and although it was only a small shop I was so overwhelmed and didn't want to spend too much which I could of easily of done!

Steve thought it would be a nice idea to get something special to remember our honeymoon so we decided on a perfume. I spoke to a lovely lady there who let me try at least 10 perfumes before deciding on YSL black Opium which is a heavy scent more for the evenings which is perfect for special occasions. It was interesting smelling of the perfumes because I learnt that I prefer an oriental scent.

On our last night there we found a monoplex near our hotel that had a great pharmacy in there (there was loads of makeup too but I didn't see that until I left :( )
I thought I would pick up a few skincare items I have been wanting to try or that I wanted to repurchase (I wish I had more money at the time!!!)

La roche-posay serozinc
This is a spray toner to help cleanse oily skin and can be used to help razor burn, nappy rash and skin irritations
Bioderma micelle water
This is the famous bioderma to help cleanse and remove makeup. I picked up the one for oily skin. I already have a small one like this which is perfect for travel but thought I would pick up another one as they are so cheap there.
Vichy 3in1 wash, scrub and mask
It has been a long time since I tried anything from Vichy and it was only a toner so I thought I would pick something up and I think I will be able o get a lot of use out of this. I have a similar 2in1 product by Neutrogena which is a wash and mask and I like it for the mask, I don't know how many of them I have been though.
I have high hopes for this.
Avene eye makeup remover
I have a confession to make...I thought this was the cleansing gel!! Even though it clearly says les yeux (eyes) which I knew. Oh well I will need another one when my body shop one runs out.

I will let you know how I get n with these once I have tried them.

Have you tried any French skincare? What was your favourite?

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So this happened in August.....

Hey everyone,

So if you follow me on twitter or instagram you will already now but on the 15th August.....

I got married!!

So if you were wondering why it took me so long to post last week I have just been de-stressing. 

The day was perfect and went b soo quickly, I still have about another month to get the photos - 2 engagement and the wedding shoot. I can't wait to see them. 
I'm not sure what to write for this post, but if you have any questions please send them my way and I will try to help the best I can.

I am currently on my honeymoon in Paris when you are reading this, once I am back and settled I will be posting more often like I used to, thank you for sticking with me :)

I hope you are having a great week

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August empties

Hey everyone,

Sorry for this post being a little late, my post next week will explain why ;)

There isn't much this month but I thought I would still do a post as I do these every month....

Nivea calm and care deodorant
I used to always use Nivea or Dove, however since finishing this one I have tried the Mitchum powder fresh roll on. This is a little more expensive - more then I would normally pay - however you get double the amount of product in the Nivea one and I can smell the powder smell through out the day. This is great for the last few days we have of the sunshine and makes me feel more confident. I'm hoping this is conditioning for after shaving.

Asda protect shave gel in berry blast
I don't really care for shaving gel to be honest,I have tried using conditioner but it doesn't work for me. This one was only £1-£1.50 which is cheaper then the leading brand, I feel that this is just as good at getting a close shave and conditioning my legs. I properly won't be buying the more expensive brand unless it's on a good offer as there is no point when they do the same job.

Mum and me sleep tight baby bath
I was given this as part of a gift at my baby however and to be honest I wasn't that impressed with this, I believe I got 2 baths for my little girl out of this which I guess is a good trial size. Thankfully she didn't react to it but we are quite happy using asda's own brand which is only £1 for a large bottle so I won't be buying this.

John Frieda beach blonde smooth seas detangling conditioner
Wow ok that is one long name!
Can I start off by saying I love the smell of this, it's so minty and fresh but not an artificial smell but like I went into my parents garden and picked some of their mint leaves. This conditioner is not too thick or too runny it's just perfect. I left my hair feeling soft and didn't weight my hair down. I have done a review here.

What have you been using lately?

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What's in my make up bag!!

Hey everyone,

I keep this on my desk in my bedroom for quick access as I don't always have time to rummage through my make up draws. I do try to switch this up every now and again to make sure I use all my make up (not that I have a huge amount...enough to have a play around with though).
  • Primer - The body shop tea tree pore minimiser
  • Foundation - Rimmel match perfect in 100 Ivory
  • Concealer - collection lasting perfection in light 2
  • Powder - Soap and glory one heck of a blot
  • Blusher - No7 in coral flush , MAC in well dressed , Makeup revolution in sugar and a Topshop cream blush in morning dew
  • Highlighter - MUA undress yourself shimmer highlighter
  • Bronzer - The body shop honey bronzer in 01 Review


  • Mascara - Younique 3D fibre lashes
  • Eye shadow base - Maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze Review
  • Eye shadows - MUA palette in heaven and Earth, Younique pigments in confident, sexy and corrupt (I have yet to try corrupt)
  • Liquid eye liner - Collection extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in black
  • Pencil liner - Urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in zero


  • Lip scrub - Lush santa's
  • Lip balm - Burt's bees not sure which one!
  • Lip liner - Gosh in pink peony  
  • Lip crayon - Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in honey
  • Lip gloss - Younique lucrative lip gloss in lovesick
  •  Eye lash curlers - Primark
  • Real Techniques - buffing brush and contour brush
  • Eco tools - powder brush, blusher brush and eyeshadow brush
  • No7 - smokey eyeliner brush
  • Strictly (boots Christmas gift set years ago) - blending brush
What are your make up bag essentials?
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